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About YIW

859 Peninsula Blvd
Woodmere, NY 11598
Phone: (516) 295-0950
Fax: (516) 295-4212

The Young Israel of Woodmere is the largest Jewish orthodox congregation in the Five Towns, on Long Island’s south shore. We take pride in extending you a warm welcome and invite you to enter our home.

This web site has been designed to provide you with information about our synagogue and our community. We trust that you will find the information useful. We hope to show you that in Woodmere, as well as the entire Five Towns community, Torah Judaism is alive in all we do and in how we live.

Our community has many features and provides many services. From the eruv, to the schools, to the restaurants, to the shops and the people, if there is any American community that fully supports Jewish life, Woodmere and the Five Towns is it. At The Young Israel of Woodmere, we are proud to stand firmly in the center of our community.

The Young Israel of Woodmere is proud to provide the following services:

  • Seven daily minyanim for Shacharis, including a Vasikin Minyan. 
  • Seven Shabbos minyanim, including a Young Couples' Minyan, Nusach Sfard Minyan and Teen Minyan.
  • Multiple Weekday Mincha-Maariv minyanim 
  • Daily shiurim for men and women 
  • Daf Yomi multiple times a day 
  • Adult education programs 
  • Gladys and Chaim Weinstein Outreach Program 
  • Linda Pinsky Memorial Lending Library 
  • Joseph M. Lipstein Torah Tape Library
  • Moshe Soshtain Bais Medrash Reference Library 
  • Saul Kaufmann Social Hall 
  • Chevra Kadisha 
  • Hershel Senders Tomchei Shabbos Program 
  • Lulav, Matzoh, and Pesach wine availability 
  • Active sisterhood with exciting programs 
  • Women’s dance programs 
  • Outstanding high school, college, and post-college minyan 
  • Jinny and Jerry Pinsky Youth Program serving over 2,000 children with Shabbos, Sunday, and weekday programs, including:
    • baseball teams, 
    • basketball teams, 
    • exciting trips, 
    • Shabbatonim, 
    • onegs, 
    • Junior Congregation, 
    • dance, 
    • arts and crafts, 
    • and much more.

The Young Israel of Woodmere is a member organization of the National Council of Young Israel and the Union Of Orthodox Jewish Congregations.

Sat, October 19 2019 20 Tishrei 5780