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Chessed Initiative

The Chesed Initiative is an effort by the Young Israel of Woodmere to provide for the personal needs of shul members. Please consider making Chesed an important part of your life by volunteering for one of the groups listed below. For all Chesed related inquiries and to volunteer for a particular Chesed group, send an email to . Chesed hours are available for children who volunteer together with their families.

Bikur Cholim

The Bikur Cholim Group is made up of volunteers that visit shul members in local hospitals, nursing homes, and homes. Volunteers aid patients and their families in dealing with issues that arise during periods of illness. 

Cooking for Others

In times of difficulty or need, the Cooking Group has volunteers who cook on behalf of shul members while they are undergoing an illness or personal crisis.

New Mothers

The New Mothers Group provides assistance to families with new babies. Our volunteers organize meals for the family during the initial weeks following delivery.

Hachnasas Orchim/Hospitality

The Hospitality Group arranges accommodations for guests requiring to spend Shabbos in Woodmere, visitors who are contemplating moving to the area, and families who recently moved into the community. Our volunteers open their homes providing a place to stay, Shabbos meals and other hospitality needs for guests. In addition, the committee arranges for shul members who are currently living alone or in need of company, to be hosted for Shabbos and Yom Tov meals.

Tomchei Shabbos

Tomchei Shabbos provides Shabbos and holiday meals for members of our community who are going through difficult financial times. The program provides weekly food packages which are distributed directly to families. Additional supplies are provided before Yom Tov. Different volunteers assist in food collection, packing and delivery of packages. If you are interested in the Tomchei Shabbos Program or would like to volunteer, please contact Averim Stavsky at 516-729-0006.

Senior Buddy Connection

Our YIW community is comprised of senior members, many of whom do not have family locally. The Senior Buddy Connection works to provide home visitation, emergency supplies, and general companionship by pairing up members of the shul with their neighbor. Part of this effort includes checking in on senior buddies both before and after weather related events.

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